About this print series

Joanna's latest collection of photogram screen prints are intricate botanical studies manipulated and redrawn to depict more than just their form. Each flower portrait seeks to subtly characterise human emotion, exploring how we express ourselves and in turn inviting the audience to do the same. Every piece will be read differently, depending on the viewer’s individual context and sensibility.

Joanna draws inspiration from many sources. She’s long been fascinated by the psychology behind the giving of flowers. Typically, it marks an occasion in life, be it joyful or sombre, and the act itself has become symbolic. It’s a culturally-accepted expression of shared, frequently unspoken feeling, and this became a starting point for many of the prints in this collection.

There’s also a visual nod to the Dutch still-life movement, which interrogated and blurred the lines between scientific accuracy, beauty, and the supernatural. Subjects were placed on a pedestal and often bathed in light, separating them from reality and creating a sense of fantasy. Adopting a fresh take on this aesthetic, in her latest work Joanna seeks to reinforce the authenticity of these imagined scenarios. Although highly unlikely in the most literal sense, they are still completely believable.

Process is key for her and she enjoys mixing both traditional and contemporary techniques, always through a monochrome lens. She photograms hundreds of flowers to find one that unlocks an idea, and then sets to work redrawing, editing and digitally manipulating to create an entirely new form. Once complete, the image is transferred to silk screen and the final print is pulled by hand.